March 10, 2010

What is a friend?

EW: A friend makes me happy. They are like sparkles because they shine. They are fun.
MB: Friends are huggy people. They are like flowers. They are cute and smell good.
SH: Friends are exciting! They are like trees, very nice. I like trees.
BTu: I like playing with my friends. Friends are like shadows. They want to be with you all the time.
JC: Friends play rough games with me. They are like reflections because they like to be with you.
BM: Friends are like fish because they are cute and they make you happy. They make you smile.
JK: Friends are like mirrors. They look at you and do the same.
BTh: I like friends. They make me happy.
FK: I like playing games on the computer with my friend. Friends are like ice cream, they are yummy and I like them.
VS: I like doing activities with my friends. Friends are special.
HY: I like playing with my friends. Friends are like the rainbow in the sun. They make you happy.
TM: Friends are good to have. They are like clowns. They do funny things and make you laugh.

Well here are our thoughts. Please tell us what is a friend for you...


  1. Hi Room 3. I think you are a very friendly class and I love coming into your room. You are all a good friend to me because you talk to me and ask how I am and you share your work with me.

  2. "Mrs. Allen we love you", said JK. "Come and visit us again. We like coming to see you", said Room 3! Mrs. A agreed!

  3. Room 3 ...we loved the way you compared friends to something else. We thought you are thinking deeply. We thought of some comparisons ourselves:
    A friend is like a pet because they always stay with you (IW & KS)
    Friends are like a family because families surround you with love. (YS, TW, HG, & ID)
    A friend is like a teacher because they can help you with your learning (BF, & OH)
    Friends are like shoes, they are well worn and they make a pair (AM, H-M S,HG)
    Friends are like stars because they shine around us (SM & AS)
    Friends are like sunflowers as their faces are so bright and happy (BV & BR)