September 28, 2010

September 18, 2010

Working together!

This retell is based on the book Fire! Fire! The children created their pics in Kid-Pix and each told me what happened in  a sequence. I typed it out for them. They recorded their voices for their slides and then TM was in-charge of his group putting in the transitions and changing the time. He worked well as a leader and gave everyone a turn for their slide. In the end he saved and exported it to i-Pod format. Great job Blue group for working collaboratively!

September 5, 2010

Some of Our Trip Recount

 The writing skills in our class has greatly improved. Children are writing longer recounts independently and using adjectives too make their stories interesting. Here are a few, some of them are ESOL kids and 6 out of 7 started school this year. Well done my amazing little writers!

Yesterday Room 3 and Mrs. A went to Botanic Garden. We saw little ducks and big ducks. After looking at the birds we ate lunch. Then we went to a classroom. In the classroom we did some activities with teacher. The teacher said, “We are doing a bird shape”. So Room 3 said, “Yay!” We did bird foot print on clay and looked at the feathers. The teacher told us to ask questions so I put my hand up and asked how birds can lay egg. She said something. We went back to school. EK

On Wednesday Room 3, 5 and 1 went on the bus. Room 3 had some lunch and we walked and saw some ducks and a goose. We looked at the feathers. You put the glass and it is big. We caught the bus and we went home. We felt excited. BTh

Half of the school went on a trip. It took a while. We went to the Botanic Garden. We saw a water fall. We went to the children’s garden. We got some photos on the Kereru. We fed the Kereru from the beak. We saw a water wheel there. We went to a classroom. I talked about the Moa. We came back on the buses. It was exciting. It reminded me of a time when I went to the gardens for a wedding. JC

Yesterday me and Room 3, room 5 and room 1 went on the bus because we were going to Botanic Garden. We had lunch. For lunch I had yummy bread, crackers with cheese and apples. The apple was chopped up. After that we went for a walk. There was lots of flowers and birds. Mrs. A took pictures of us. We went to the kids park and played in the egg. I walked around the steps. When we got to school we had a sleep in the classroom. Then we went home. EW

Yesterday at school Room 3, Room 1 and Room 5 went on a trip to the Botanic Garden. At the sunny Botanic Garden we saw colourful flowers. We went with some parents. The children and parents went by bus. When we got there we had morning tea. After we had morning tea we sat on the Kereru and the egg. We saw ducks and white geese in the water. After we did all those things we had lunch and then we went. We went to a big classroom with a teacher. The teacher’s name was Trish. We learned about wings. The biggest wing was seagull’s wing. After that we went to school by bus. It was cool. BM

On Wednesday Room 3 and Room 5 went on a trip to Botanic Gardens and we went to the kids’ garden. We played in the egg. Then we sat on the pigeon. We came back to school and we went to sleep. It was home time. Then everybody went home and some children went to Kids’ Korner. AS

On Wednesday I went on a trip. My mum already knew about my trip and my mum went with me on the bus. She was excited because she likes to go on the bus. We took a picture of a Pukeko. I saw a bird and I saw a big tunnel and my mum took a picture. Then we had lunch. Again my mum took a picture of me. HY